Arka Collective

Form a community with a collective of Arka modules.

  • Position your Arka collective around a courtyard
  • Connect the community with pathways, decks or a pergola
  • Suits flat and sloped sites
  • Start with a handful and add more over time
Starting from


GST included. Site works, delivery
and consents excluded.

  • Floor plan:
  • 1

    Dwelling 1 (Arka 35 + Click)

  • 2

    Dwelling 2 (Arka 35 + Click)

  • 3

    Dwelling 3 (Arka 35 + Click)

  • 4

    Dwelling 4 (Arka 35 + Click)

  • 5

    Dwelling 5 (Arka Villa)

  • 6

    Communal Space


Choosing your Arka

Our team are on hand to help you identify the Arka that suits your needs, site and lifestyle. Start by booking an appointment to visit our display module.

  • Once you’ve selected your off-the-shelf or custom Arka, a sales and purchase agreement will be drawn up.
  • Once deposit is paid, construction will commence. Standard modules can be ready in as little as four months, while custom modules will take longer.
  • As the build progresses, updates will be provided by our specialist team of Project Manager's. A second payment - marking progress - will be requested part way through the build process.
  • When it’s passed our quality checks and been given our final seal of approval, we can transport your finished Arka from our workshops to your chosen site. 


Get in touch with our sales team to start your Arka journey.